Forgotten In The Land Of Egypt


In 1631, The Fens, the flat area of land stretching from Cambridge to Norwich, were drained. In 2050, The Fens return to the sea. Two children play in the waterscape. They tell tales of a mythic Waterman, who scours the water for sunken parts. But, in the bitter struggle for survival, soon play adopts a more sinister note. Meanwhile in Ely, 2023, a priest gets a visit from a woman haunted by prophetic dreams. It's a play about grief, faith, and the climate crisis; the crashing confluence of past and present; the refusal to heed the warnings we’re given. It’s a play about loneliness and the longing for human connection. The Mango Ensemble is a new writing company, founded by Layla Chowdhury, to represent marginalised and unheard narratives. This production is generously sponsored by The Peter Shaffer Foundation.


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26/09 2024 7:30pm
Seagull Theatre Morton Road LOWESTOFT
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