Finally Covid-19 restrictions has been lifted, and we can once again throw an epic techno event in the Crater at fantastic Herdla island in scenic surroundings. This year's troubadours really need...
Denne aktiviteten er allerede gjennomført eller markert som utgått.
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Finally Covid-19 restrictions has been lifted, and we can once again throw an epic techno event in the Crater at fantastic Herdla island in scenic surroundings. This year's troubadours really need no introduction.. for most of you, but here's a little refresher for the old and introduction for the new:

BRUTE LEE has been DJing and producing since 2000, as well as hosting several clubs and events. He was an integral part of Bergens own underground radio, Skranglebass, and in ’09 won the Bergen Award for best club night with Klubb Intim. DJ’ed events several times, supporting the likes og Jeff Mills, British Murder Boys, Alan Fitzpatrick, Bjørn Torske, Of Norway, Ksmisk.

Back in ’16 he hosted a club night under the name Klubb Karma. Lately, Brute has taken the next step in order to please the masses: Klubb Karma has been reborn as a weekly radio show. Every week he hosts two hours of uncompromising musical broadcasts, filling the ether using selections from his unique vinyl collection, or contributions from fellow local DJ’s.

KAROLINSKI speaks for herself.. It`s just to follow this link:

SWITCH have been playing venues all over, everything from Ploink to underground on islands and in the mountains.

EVY GEE originally from the sunny coast of the Black Sea, and the past decade residing in Bergen. Playing piano for many years from an early age, she started mixing a few years ago, inspired by rapidly developing Norwegian underground scene and especially #bergentechnocity spirit.

We all know Evy Gee leaving her techno mark by playing at Ploink and Hot!Hot!Hot! Festival, OMG Festial, being resident at Hvitsten Fest or arranging her very own Last Weekend Festival and running her Techno Thursdays concept at Pappa Bar once a month. Evy loves to travel and explore local underground environments, and she has been spotted to play in Oslo, Stavanger and many clubs and festivals in Poland.

Evy's musical taste is versatile - her sets vary from deep, progressive house, broken beat towards minimal, hypnotic techno and even psytrance, and is always flavored by layered dark sound.

HUTMACHER started playing with sound around 98 'and mixing records in 2003. From Trance to House and Techno. A couple of releases here and there, but the starting point is to enjoy what you do. (Challenges of completion, that is). Jørgen plays a good deal of self-produced music together with others' songs. Melodic and groovy.

Hear some of Hutmacher`s music here:

HJORT1. Bergen's Coziest DJ.

Jørgen is an upcoming and exciting DJ from Bergen, who has already established himself widely in the genre of electronic music. With a long background as an expert raver and the best help organizers can ask for, he has now taken the step to stand behind the decks himself.

He has a natural ear for good tunes and has a solid range within Tech, Prog. House and Techno. And the melodic often peeks out in his sets as well.

Hjort1 has played at local and regional stages - you are guaranteed to see and hear a lot from him in the future.

MINLIN & DR.GREVE have a minimal profile. But their sets are still far from limited. Minlin and Dr.Greve like to play everything... techno, house, breaks, trance.. you name it, they play it. The essential thing for Minlin and Dr. Greve is that the music provides energy. Expect an exciting journey through several spectra of electronic music. from these guys.


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