THE INCREDIBLE FLYING CIRCUS - By David Foxton Roll up! Roll up! As our first and second year classes put on a show dedicated to mankind’s continuing quest to conquer the skies. From early man’s jealous yearning to soar like birds, through Greek myth and legend, via the Renaissance and the first flights by balloon, we document the journey to modern flight. A troupe of performers put on a classic show with clowns, circus and music hall variety sketches and pastiches - it’s a fun filled frolic through the history of flight.

CALDERFORD By Steve Goddard Nestled in the Pennine foothills of West Yorkshire is the mill town of Calderford, a faded shadow of it’s former glory. The market has seen better days and the schools aren’t what they used to be. Come with our Senior group on a journey through the life of this Northern town as we follow the residents through the comings and goings of a day. From market stall holders to mill workers. From pensioners to schoolkids trying to wag off for the afternoon. From supermarket to the tap room at the Bargeman. Calderford is waiting for you to observe as its denizens go about their day.


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17/05 2024 7:30pm
Dewsbury Arts Group Lower Peel Street DEWSBURY
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