Young Gun Silver Fox

70s style melodic pop.


Young Gun Silver Fox are musical sorcerers. They've fashioned a fresh and modern sound that summons one of the most vibrant and influential epochs in popular music

The forces behind Young Gun Silver Fox are Andy Platts and Shawn Lee. It was inevitable that two of the most prolific and versatile pop music linguists would one day collaborate on a studio project that crystallized many of their creative strengths. West End Coast fuses the talents they've mastered in their respective careers, from Andy's role as frontman and co-founder of UK band Mamas Gun to Shawn's numerous self-produced projects with AM and his own Ping Pong Orchestra. The authentic hybrid of styles on West End Coast is further steeped in the fact that Shawn, the team's silver-haired Silver Fox, is an American who resided in LA for seven years before relocating to London.

Like the moon pulling the tide, Young Gun Silver Fox are a magnet for good songs. 'We're both so obsessed and constantly interested in music-making,' says Andy. 'We're both thinking about it all the time. When you know you have an accomplice with you that's the same as you, it's very liberating. Suddenly, worlds of color start to appear.'


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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30/11 2024 7:00pm
Islington Assembly Hall Upper Street LONDON
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