WTF (not) Wednesday: High Steaks by Eloina

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High Steaks is a show about labia, labia-shaming, cosmetic surgery & fundamentally, body lovin'.

Award-winning, queer performer, Eloina, hangs two beef steaks from her labia, butchers them up & sizzles them on a grill.

And... her mum is in the show.

Seamlessly melding performance art and comedy clowning, High Steaks discusses rising demands in young people for labiaplasty - plastic surgery to make the labia smaller/more symmetrical.

Through live conversations with her mum and recorded interviews with labia-owners, High Steaks is a call for increased visibility of varied vulvas and a celebration of our vulvas in all their shapes & sizes.

Age Guidance: 18+

Content Warnings: Full frontal nudity, strong language, handling & cooking of raw meat, discussion of genital surgery, discussion of self-harm, depictions of real mother-daughter relationships.


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