World Pipe Band Championships

The best pipe bands from all over the world, featuring 8000 pipers and drummers, compete for the most prestigious prizes and the coveted World Champion crown. As well as the music, a dedicated...
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The World Pipe Band Championships are back at Glasgow Green in August. Two days of competition showcases the extraordinary ability of 8000 pipers and drummers taking part. Defending champions Field Marshal Montgomery will face bands from around the World as they compete to hang on to their crown.

The World Pipe Band Championships as we currently know them have been staged since 1947 although the Grade 1 Pipe Band Competition winners at the annual Cowal Highland Gathering were recognised as World Champions as far back as 1906.

The Worlds now regularly attract more than 220 bands with more than a quarter coming from overseas. The event regularly receives entries from 15 or more countries. The record entry is 239 bands.

The bands are placed in 9 different competition grades according to ability and results.

As many as 40% of the pipers and drummers taking part each year are 25 and under.

For tickets and timings visit The Worlds website.