Words: A series of Journal Quilts - Contemporary Quilt Group


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult


Contemporary Quilt Group is a specialist group within the Quilters’ Guild. Its members are a diverse collection of quilters and textile artists, working at the cutting edge of our practice, creating innovative and dynamic art. Their mission is to continue to push the boundaries and be excited by the possibilities of new materials, new techniques, and new ideas. A Journal Quilt is a small quilt, maximum size 30 cm x 30 cm and the aim is to create one a month for a year. In 2023 members of Contemporary Quilt were challenged to create journal quilts on the theme of ‘Words’. The work is extremely diverse including printed, appliqued, painted, and embroidered text. Some works do not include text but were inspired by text – a favourite book or poem or a play on words.