Will and the People

Brighton quartet who play a danceable mix of reggae, ska and punk.


Will And The People make surprisingly delicate music for such a hard living band - As befits a band that promotes a forward-thinking hybrid of rock, reggae, hip-hop, punk, folk, with storytelling that at times mirrors dirtbag greats like Denis Johnson or Raymond Carver. Britain hasn’t played catch-up yet with the success this band has had overseas especially in Holland, Italy, and Australia - but this trans-Atlantic distraction has allowed the band to hone their sound ready for when it is.

With an army of their most enduring work they are now poised to release one of the most musically ravenous albums; Promising a countercultural melting pot that extends its hand to skatepunks, surfers, burnouts, tape-trading jam kids, and hip-hop fanatics alike, inviting them all to gather around the same iPhone. Will & the people's music offers up the sort of melancholic optimism that is so well-anchored by instantly gratifying melodies and spirited guitars.

Their live shows are circus of a marathon attempt to hold the interest of any sized room - from a coffee shop to a stadium arena, cannonballing from ska to thrash to dub to campfire sing-alongs at the speed of a ADHD Netflix-surfing session. Will and the People are self-confessed magpies, taking the best bits of what they like and making it their own. Through this wide embrace of music, this band stand for something greater than any single sound: a spirit of radical inclusion.


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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16/12 2022 7:00pm
Chalk 10 Pool Valley BRIGHTON
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