Who is Benjamin Bankole Bello – A Preview / Ashish Suri: Hard Hipster (Work in Progress)

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Discover the man behind President Obonjo as he reveals himself stepping out of the African dictator’s shadow. Can he be funnier than the President?

Who is Benjamin Bankole Bello?

Join Ashish Suri as he shares his weird tales and gives a view of the world through different perspectives.

Ashish, a scientist from India who is settled and domesticated in the UK for a decade, tells the stories of how outside of the Asian Motherland, even the simple things in life are different. Correcting inaccurate stereotypes, explaining where they come from and pointing out that despite his tan, he’s just as weird as everyone else.

Nominee, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, 2021 Panel Prize, Beat the Frog World Series, 2021 Runner Up, Brighton Grin New Comedy Award, 2021 Nominee, British Comedian of the Year, 2021 Finalist, Leicester Square Theatre New Act of the Year, 2021 Finalist, Bath New Act of the Year, 2021 Finalist, South Coast Comedian of the Year 2021 Finalist, LS Newcomer Award, 2021 Finalist, WY Comedian of the Year 2021


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