Whitney Houston Tribute


The UK's No. 1 ​Whitney Houston Tribute (Beverly Savarin) Words do no justice, to the beauty of the voice and persona of Whitney Houston. Such power and emotion are rare gifts that few have and none can duplicate. She left us with the resounding sound of her voice, encapsulated for gener ations to come, ready to inspire and move people, the same way she moved me in my lifetime. Though I will never do her justice, I am so honoured to perform her masterpieces, ​as I always have, in the hopes of aiding her spirit live on, forever.' says Beverly Tickets: 1st phase £10, 2nd phase -£12 , 3rd phase £15 - includes entry to Apres Note:Standing only in Bier Keller


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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16/06 2023 7:00pm
Bier Keller, Coppid Beech Hotel John Nike Way BRACKNELL
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