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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth


White Shadows is based on Anna Goodchild's reaction to her 2024 monoprint Cruciform Wetness. It combines different voices, imagined and textual, varying in time and place. Despite the four-thousand-year gap between the first and latest utterances, the message remains the same - and it's the interpretation that differs. Through photography, monoprints, poetry and braided voices, this work explores identity delving into the concept of being a seaweed.

Anna has lived in Torbay, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi and much of what she expresses reflects an accumulation of cultural encounters and exchanges. Since retiring from teaching modern languages, Anna has thrown herself into finding a different language to express herself. Anna loves research which is fuelled by an unbounded curiosity. She holds an MA in the History of 20thC. Art, Architecture and Design (2004 Falmouth), and has studied Photography (2020 UCA), History and French (1971 SA), Italian literature and language, and English literature (1975 SA); Graduate Translation Diploma (1985 SA).

Chance dictates a lot of what Anna Goodchild does – in art and life. What inspires her depends on what she finds; for her art, it’s on the beach where she likes to unravel the knots of seaweed and detritus that the tide leaves behind. She is currently reading for an MA in Fine Art.

Launches 17th May