Welcome to Night Vale

A podcast in the style of community news for the small desert town of Night Vale. Shows are written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and presented by Cecil Baldwin.


The creators of Welcome to Night Vale - one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world - have announced the return of their wildly popular live show to Europe and the U.K.

Night Vale is set to return to the UK and Europe complete with a brand new script entitled All Hail.

Like the podcast, the live production of Night Vale brings stories of the surreal desert town of Night Vale to the stage as a fully-realized live show delivering rich, nuanced drama in the form of a community radio show hosted by Cecil Palmer (played by Cecil Baldwin).

With guest stars and a live musical All Hail appeals to uninitiated audiences as well as to dedicated fans of the podcast, who hang onto Cecil’s every word. This unique script works equally well as a standalone show and as a complement to the constantly evolving narrative of the podcast.


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29/09 2022 7:15pm
The Old Market Upper Market Street HOVE
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