Very Santana

Live, latin-rock improvisational music experience recreating the Santana style.
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A West Midlands, UK based band presenting a live experience spanning the entire musical SANTANA legacy, including the early era songs from the Abraxas album such as Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Samba Pa Ti through the late 1970s hits such as Europa, She’s Not There to the modern era multi Grammyawarded songs such as Smooth and Maria-Maria…

Live, latin-rock improvisational music experience - they recreate the Santana style with live latin-rock, creating a very improvisational music experience by making shows as authentic as possible, performing live concert versions of the songs with a lot of extra improvisation, so the songs stay fresh and deliver surprises – giving a fantastic music experience to our listeners at every gig!

Very Santana recreate the guitar master and his band’s live experience, with all the authenticity and uniqueness that made Carlos Santana a living legend musician and composer.

The band were all big Santana Fans but Rolly (guitarist) in particular has always had an ambition to perform a complete Santana show. His immense knowledge of Santana, coupled with the passion of a genuine fan meant this new band has a solid foundation from which they could develop.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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