July 2011. On the Norwegian island of Utoya, a far right terrorist has just massacred sixty-nine innocent students attending a socialist Summer Camp.

Gunnar and Malin have sent their daughter to the island, and desperately seek contact. On the farm next-door to the perpetrator’s, Petter and Inga realise their suspicions about him are well founded. At Central Command, Alf and Unni must decide on the best course of action in response to the attack.

A searing reflection on the domestic effects of societal trauma, Utoya offers a timely reminder of the threat of far-right extremism, inviting us to consider how tragedy can both bind people together and pull them further apart. This production is a UK Premiere from leading Italian writer Edoardo Erba.

“Utoya is a vital theatrical piece, enabling us to be moved and to try – perhaps – to understand” Media e Sipario


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13/08 2024 7:00pm
Arcola Theatre 24 Ashwin Street LONDON
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