Up the Clondy

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Up the Clondy is a series of comedy radio plays depicting life at the hapless solicitor’s firm of Groper Knutter and Bezzler. The story is set in the present day but Groper Knutter and Bezzler is archaic both in outlook and premises lost somewhere in the 1950’s. Change at all levels is resisted by Miss Fosdyke the formidable receptionist assisted by Miss Greenfield the junior of 23 years standing. Mr Knutter is the hapless and ineffective senior partner while Mr Groper Head of Family and Miss Bezzler head of property struggle through.

Cupids Arrow….Miss Greenfield has been writing to the lonely hearts column. Unfortunately Mr Grimshaw-Reeper head of Wills and Probate is on there as well….things get even more manic when it turns out that Miss Greenfield has been using the firms headed note paper for replies and would be suitors start arriving at the practice.

The Fosdyke Fortune….Miss Fosdyke has inherited a Royal Fortune from her great aunt Lettuce and merriment is abound at the prospect of her retirement until that is Miss Pike-Trout the would be replacement arrives …a distant relative of Miss Fosdyke and from the “disagreeable side” of the family.


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