UK Foo Fighters

Tribute to Dave Grohl's rocking mob.


This World-Famous tribute band UK Foo Fighters takes you on a journey spanning 25 years of music from the now legendary Foo Fighters and their charismatic leader, Dave Grohl.

UK Foo Fighters' brand new show for the theatre is inspired by the Foo’s studio album In Your Honor. It offers a unique opportunity for fans old and new to explore the melodic acoustic recordings from the Foo’s live album Skin And Bones (recorded at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles), culminating with a powerhouse rock set featuring tracks from all 9 studio albums including greatest hits such as; Everlong, Best of You, Times Like These and All My Life.


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth
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03/06 2023 7:30pm
The Drill Free School Lane LINCOLN
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