Uilleann Duo "Underarmed" - Album Launch

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Wattie Lees and Ollie Rigg bridge a generation and broaden the piping tradition in Scotland. Originally hailing from Stranraer and Moniaive respectively, their roots go back to the early nineties, when Ollie’s mother divorced and took her two boys to live with Wattie on Islay. Although the new family didn’t last, the kinship between Wattie and Ollie remained strong; with much common ground in traditional music. Wattie would later provide support for Ollie’s first set of ‘cauld wind’ border pipes; and later his first full-set of uilleann pipes, made by Dave Williams in 1984.

Their debut ‘Underarmed’ album demonstrates their rich sound and exciting taste in traditional and contemporary folk tunes. The duo will be joined by a stellar fiddler, Amanda Lewis, and superb guitarist, Michael Muir, to add further texture and cheer into their playing. Tom Smith will also be guesting on Mandola and vocals. These guys expertly balance driving reels with cheery hornpipes; rolling jigs with heartfelt slow-airs and songs.”


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