Two Cities… Half The World Away


This is a story about the rivalry between the two great northern cities of Liverpool and Manchester and, the fact that they have so much in common yet… it is often football rivalry that separates them. Set in a Police Station during the Europa League tie at Old Trafford in 2016, two young lads, Terry, a Utd fan, and Liam, a Liverpool fan, are stopped on their way to the game and taken into custody for non-payment of fines.
With the game about to start, desk sergeant Frank (50s), places them into the same cell to save time and energy. Once the game gets underway a story of inter-city rivalry unfolds. We see the two open–up about family life and their own personalities. In a tiny cell with fan rivalry erupting every 5 minutes, Frank wants the pair gone so he can deal with an urgent family matter.
Seeing a way past a football-fuelled mindset and wanting their fines paid to catch the second–half the lads soon find they have a lot more in common than they ever imagined.
Presented by Beyond The Line Theatre Company


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07/09 2024 7:30pm
Royal Court Liverpool 1 Roe Street LIVERPOOL
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