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It all started at a party back in the Eighties. Ian the celebrity record producer, Phil, the hot young singer-songwriter, Becca the cool studio receptionist and a glance across a crowded floor that sparks a blaze to last a lifetime. As the tangled web between these three unfolds – the anger and the ecstasy, the loyalty and betrayal, the love and the lust – are all captured in the songs which will be their lasting legacy.

Following their work together on Midsummer Songs, Oxy and the Morons and Mods and Rox this is the latest world premiere from the trio of Paul Sirett, Peter Rowe and Ben Goddard.

Three stools, three characters, one piano, one guitar and a lifetime’s worth of pleasure and pain in an album’s worth of songs.

Snow lies on the ground, Night falls down without a sound, All our sins can be forgiven If you stay around. Hold me tight by firelight Till springtime comes around.


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