Trick & Treat - The Monkeys Paw & the Signal Man adapted from W W Jacobs & Charles Dickens


Darkness Descends at the Salford Arts Theatre

This Halloween season, prepare to be chilled to the bone as Northern Rep Theatre presents two iconic literary tales of the uncanny adapted for the stage.

The haunting double-bill of one-act plays will transport you into realms where the line between the natural and supernatural grows perilously thin.

In the first play, The Monkey's Paw, you'll bear witness to the terrifying consequences that befall a family who meddles with forces beyond their comprehension. Adapted from W.W. Jacobs' classic story by Artistic Director Tuirenn Hurstfield, it serves as a ghastly reminder that some desires are better left unfulfilled.

Then, Charles Dickens' eerie masterpiece The Signalman takes the stage, enveloping you in a cloak of dread as a railway worker is haunted by visions of tragedy yet to occur. Can he escape the darkness that pursues him?

With these two blood-curdling tales interwoven into an evening of fright, Northern Rep dares you to spend your All Hallows' Eve being consumed by the mysteries of the unknown. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable descent into fear itself.


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31/10 2024 kl 19:45
Salford Arts Theatre Kemsing Walk SALFORD
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