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08/06 2024 8:00am
Bowlers Exhibition Centre Arena Longbridge Road MANCHESTER
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Toy Fairs UK – Monopoly Events are proud to announce another brand new range of pop culture inspired events to our fanbase.

Monopoly Events and the huge array of shows we now offer, all came from the love of toys and film. Toy collecting is how these events developed, in this case Star Wars to be exact. Our first show was a dedicated Star Wars event which stemmed from our CEO’s love of vintage Star Wars figures. What followed was an explosion of genre specific shows and comic cons which all branched off from that first show, and built the Monopoly empire we know today. Being so passionate about collecting makes Monopoly Events very excited about this event.

At our toy fairs you will find everything from modern day to vintage toys and games new and used. Action Figures old and new, Star Wars, Heman, GI Joe, Action Force, Marvel & DC, Funkos, Model Trains, retro & modern video games, signed memorabilia, Lego, Corgi, Dinky, rare posters and prints, our toy fairs are an Aladdin’s cave of toys from 1950s to the present day. There are so many bargains and rarities to be picked up at these events.