Tosca - St Wulfram's Church, Grantham


"Victory! Victory! The avenging dawn now rises to make the wicked tremble! And liberty returns, the scourge of tyrants." - G. Giacosa

Set in 1920s Italy to the backdrop of post war societal change and political turmoil, Opera in a Box's production of Puccini's Tosca delves into the confrontations felt by a rising women's liberation movement, and the challenges of post-war fascism. Through the characters of Tosca, an opera singer, Cavaradossi, a painter, and Scarpia, the Chief of Police, we explore how relationship can be affected by the nature of the time...

Opera in a Box are back on tour after three years - it's good to be back! Take all of your preconceptions about opera and throw them out the window as Opera in a Box take opera in fresh and exciting directions. Our Tosca is fully staged at five contrasting venues, and brings together a hugely talented ensemble of musicians, artists, and a first-rate backstage team! This thrilling opera delves deep into the human condition, with beautiful music including "Vissi d'arte", "E lucevan le stelle" and Scarpia's stirring "Te Deum". It is an absolute audience favourite, perfect for opera lovers and first timers alike!


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02/07 2022 7:30pm
St Wulfram's Church Church Street GRANTHAM
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