TONY! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera]


Nicholson Green Productions presents the Park Theatre production of Tony! [the tony blair rock opera] By harry hill & steve brown

"Look anyone will tell you, I’m a pretty straight sort of guy." - Tony Blair

A reckless reappraisal of the life of former Ugly Rumours front man and Britain's first pop Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The story of how one man went from peace-loving, long-haired hippy and would-be pop star to warmongering multimillionaire in just a couple of decades. Throw in a stellar cast of larger-than-life characters - Cherie Blair, Princess Diana, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Osama bin Laden, George W Bush, Saddam Hussein and Gordon Brown – it's Yes, Minister meets The Rocky Horror Show! and a musical like no other.

A hilarious musical tragedy of political intrigue, religion, power, and romance; this rip-roaring new musical BY HARRY HILL AND STEVE BROWN received critical acclaim following a sold-out run at the Park Theatre in London.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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30/06 2023 7:45pm
Theatre Royal New Road BRIGHTON
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