Tom Bancroft's In Common


In Common ensemble brings together a unique fusion of styles and influences, stripped to their core elements and combined to make something individual and personal. In Common’s debut album ‘Love & Stillness’ brings together jazz, Indian classical music, Scottish traditional music and electronica, capturing the essence of each style through showcasing the skills of a highly accomplished group of musicians, each of whom understands their respective disciplines to the highest degree. Tom Bancroft's In CommonStrip away the surface features and jazz, electronica, Scottish traditional music and Indian classical music all share: drone, groove & rhythm, collective and individual improvisation, melodies and scales/raags, vocal rhythmic patterns. This brand new project led by Tom Bancroft: • starts with the bodhran and the tabla and a drone, • adds Indian Classical Violin and improvising jazz guitar, • and continues adding layers and voices from different traditions, in a creative new project that focuses on the common ground between Scottish music, jazz, Indian music and electronica. Sharat Chandra Srivastava (violin), Gyan Singh (tabla), Tom Bancroft (bodhran & drums), Graeme Stephen (guitar & loops), Sophie Bancroft (voice), Gina Rae (voice).


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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28/08 2022 7:30pm
The CatStrand High Street New Galloway CASTLE DOUGLAS
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