For the first time since the band was founded in 2010 all four band members now contribute to the new songs. Whether in the lyrics or the arrangements - Thundermother's heart and brain are in the music.

The fine tuning was provided by the Danish hard rock hitmaker Soren Andersen, an experienced producer and gifted guitarist who has worked for Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Aldrige, etc. In the space of three weeks the rockers created a top-class album in his Copenhagen Medley recording studio. Thundermother and Soren Andersen: According to the producer, a “match made in heaven”.

You can hear the emotional and creative harmony that has existed from the beginning between the producer and the band in the songs. The result: A more sophisticated version of an AC/DC motorhead sound, with fresh modern hard rock elements and a rich 70s groove. The songs cover the entire spectrum of life, everything from love ballads, blues songs to party hits.


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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11/02 2025 7:00pm
The Garage 20--22 Highbury Corner LONDON
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