UK politics is in crisis and the country is in economic peril. Fights break out in the Houses of Parliament and the government whips can barely contain the chaos. Sound familiar? Well this time, it’s 1974 and in this not so distant past, Westminster is at war with itself again. A hung parliament and the tiniest of margins mean that those in power will do everything to just keep going. Even if that means wheeling in someone on their last legs or direct from the maternity ward. In a world where every vote counts, James Graham’s explosive and biting comedy come political thriller This House – which premiered at the National Theatre in 2012 – introduces us to the farcical and fanatical world of 1970s Westminster. Just how far will these parties go for political survival? Suitable for ages 14+


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18/03 2023 7:30pm
Tobacco Factory Raleigh Road Southville BRISTOL
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