The Zap Club: The Reunion - The Zap Comes Home


For one night, we go back in time, to the golden age of house, rave & partying... The Zap Club is coming home!

All of the old faces, resident DJs and some super special guests!

Back to the glory days of No phones... No dramas... Just passion, for the love of dance music! We couldn't be more excited to bring back the emotions, love and freedom that The Zap offered so many of us 30 years ago and what better way to do it than under the roof that it all began in...

Saturday the 10th of June, we aim to reshape and mould an idea of what rave was in the prime days of 89, with a true taste of 'Summer of Love' in the air...

Sign up now via the Zap Reunion website to see the lineup as its released... Its a long time coming, the demand for this party has been off the scale, please don't miss your chance to join us for the occasion!

Disclaimer: All proceeds from this event will be made as a charitable donation to a good cause tbc.


Enjoy code: 523512
Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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10/06 2023 6:00pm
The Arch 187--193 Kings Road Arches BRIGHTON
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