The Veil Between Worlds


Sound artist Cindy Islam will be presenting a new performance piece commissioned by Refugee Festival Scotland. The Veil Between Worlds is an audio/visual performance sharing an intimate understanding of the veil and its multiplicities; as a material fabric designated to women but also a symbolic portal between us and alternative perceptions. The Veil Between Worlds traverses the textures and sounds where everyday observations intersect with the contemplation of other existences. The veil becomes a cloak flickering through the visible and invisible, a sonic layer between what we experience and what else may exist.

Artist bio:

Cindy Islam is a sound artist and performer inspired by Sufi principles of sound as a divination tool, a way to reconnect to the origins of creation and use listening as an entry point into the unknown. Absent of any musical training, Cindy Islam approaches the decolonisation of sound-making through a celebration of the amateur; collaging and layering synthesised noises, frequencies, field recordings and archival sounds collected from their migrations between Iraq, London and Scotland.

Part of Common Ground Festival 2024


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Kids, Youth, Adult, Elderly
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21/06 2024 8:00pm
CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW
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