“We’re just your average trans-European, multi-lingual, art-school, post-punk, techno-inspired, über-group/circus-troop/diaeresis”. That’s The Umlauts there, attempting to describe the matrix-like myriad of influences that they’ve somehow managed to gel together to create the beguiling sounds of their new EP, Another Fact.

Although The Umlauts’ genesis is in Stroud, thanks to songwriting partners Alfred Lear and Oliver Offord, the addition of visual artists Annabelle Mödlinger and Maria Vittoria Faldini as lyricists and vocalists, after meeting at art college in London, blew the group wide open in terms of what they could do creatively. As such, Ü’s tightly hewn mix of mechanical synth-pop, spiky no wave and bristling post-punk bore the hallmarks of a band exhilaratingly committing ideas as quickly as they could have them.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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25/10 2023 7:30pm
Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street LEEDS
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