Join us for a fantastic night of Rock and Roll and pop as AJWAY Solutions present a tribute to the Two Kings that are Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley!

MJRaw starring an exciting energy fuelled tribute to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson with replica costumes, dazzling footwork & signature dance routines, you are in for a Thriller. Each song is carefully edited to give you a feel of a live MJ show whilst enjoying the gravity defying moves and stage mannerisms that Chris executes to perfection. Having a background of Ballroom, Latin and freestyle dance, Chris is more than qualified to bring Michaels magic to the stage and being a huge fan of the King Of Pop only helps drive him to deliver the best tribute he can to his idol. There's something for everyone in this exciting, energetic show celebrating one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace a stage.

Dave Vincent will appear as ELVIS PRESLEY. Dave has over 500 TV appearances under his belt and was also voted The UK'S Best Tribute Artist on live TV Channel 5. Dave has also appeared on BBC1 & 2, ITV and SKY. Dave Vincent has worked with many of the UK's top names and venues including: Jon Bon Jovi - CRUSH 2000 TOUR, Jool's Holland, ITV Terry Christian, SKYPat, Sharp, The Prodigy, Bad Manners, Alison Limerick, Kevin Woodford, Russ Abbott, Jim Davidson and Many others! So you are truly in for a treat with this show!


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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19/08 2022 7:30pm
The Rhyl Little Theatre Vale Road RHYL
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