The Things You Forgot to Remember


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth


‘The Things You Forgot to Imagine’ is Joanne Pemberton’s newest body of work and will be showing at Leith School of Art.

The exhibition uses printmaking and sculpture to trace the journey of a sea urchin, from its initial conception to its eventual transformation into a fossil. Installations, traditional and digital printing processes are used to reimagine the forms and structures of the different stages of the creature's metamorphosis.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of ancient cultures, the exhibition acknowledges the moon's subtle influence on marine life. Just as the moon dictates the ocean's rhythm, it is understood to influence the inner workings of these creatures. This connection is reflected in the artwork itself, emphasising that everything within us is intrinsically linked to the world around us. Joanne Pemberton works in print and sculpture to map geological discoveries and encounters within the city, landscape, archive and print studio. This solo show was awarded to Pemberton by the Scottish Society of Artists as part of the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Award 2023 for her Stone Lithography print, Measuring Earth.