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Jadasea is a crucial fixture in the local hip hop scene of South London - where he was born and raised. He first gained attention as a member of Sub Luna City, alongside his bandmates King Krule, Jesse James Solomon, Rago Foot, and Black Mack. Jadasea is an important bridge between London and New York City through his collaborations with rappers such as Wiki and MIKE (both of whom he has toured with). He has released a collaborative project with MIKE titled Old Earth, and more recently released The Corner: Vol. 1, a collaborative project with NYC producer Laron.

Through a steady stream of solo releases, such as half-life (entirely produced by King Krule), LOOKALIVE!, and time will tell, Jadasea has carved a unique sonic lane for himself. He has an impeccable ear for a kind of murky production that melds seamlessly with his ultra laid back cadence, making it so the beat and vocals on his tracks weave in and out of each other.

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26/09 2024 7:00pm
Yes 38 Charles Street MANCHESTER
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