The Struts

Strutting rock'n'rollers who have already supported their idols The Rolling Stones.


‘We’ll be fine handling fame. We’re already massive rock stars in our heads. Only our circumstances will change and we’ll be able to go out more often’. Not my words, the words of Luke Spiller, flamboyant lead singer of The Struts. He is what would materialise if the glamorous '80s and the grungy '90s had a love child.

The Struts are a rock‘n’roll band that ooze charisma and style, with an aesthetic that makes their female fans swoon. And the rest of the band is just as magnetic as their front man, a rare feat for any band.

But not only do they have the looks, they also have the tunes. Their songs are high octane, infectious and unforgettable. ‘It Could’ve Been Me’ is an unapologetic sing-along anthem, while ‘I Just Know’ sounds like a revitalised Axl Rose penning a new ‘Brown Sugar’.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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29/09 2024 7:00pm
Rock City 8 Talbot Street NOTTINGHAM
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