The Silver Lines


Imagine wearing a scratchy hand knitted sweater and playing flat out rock n roll music in a stuffy, dilapidated English country cottage … well that’s what it’s like to be a Silver Line.

Formed by the brothers Ravenscroft who were uninspired by the current landscape of guitar music, decided they were going to make music that turns them on.

Since meeting Kindo (drums) and Joe Cartwright (bass), they have consistently sold out their hometown gigs, have had plays on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X and have played festivals from England to America.

Fast forward to 2022 and repulsed by the notion of being just another ‘all white male indie band’ that sings about working class upbringings and teenage love, The Silver Lines set out to make an EP that defies the genre and their peers within it. The product is a collection of short story’s which takes the listener on a very self aware journey of S&M, night-sweats, substance abuse and sodomy. Their debut EP Sleaze is out now.


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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Available tickets

13/09 2024 7:30pm
33 Oldham Street 33 Oldham Street MANCHESTER
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