The Salts songs are of a nautical nature, with a penchant for rocking sea shanties. Certainly their swashbuckling energy and fire-cracked enthusiasm makes a riveting addition to the folk scene. Bands playing shanties with the energy and attack of The Salts are few and far between. The band's energy and articulation is highly obvious when listening to Bulgine Run and Fire Marengo; two fiery up-tempo tracks Their infectious grooves, befitting work songs and pump shanties, are played with a commendable gallop, balancing earthiness, a solid groove and neat almost Beach Boys style harmonies. The lead vocals are raw and unvarnished, but with highly polished backing harmonies. The group seems like it is really enjoying the process of revitalising this often forgotten aspect of folk music, and the performances are suitably impassioned and rousing.

  • Living Tradition


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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30/01 2025 7:30pm
Royal Naval Assocation 388a Long Lane UXBRIDGE
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