The Queers

Formed in New Hampshire in the early 80’s The Queers went on to become one of Lookout Records flagship bands, helping to define what has become known as ‘that Lookout sound’, melding the sonic...


The Queers are an American punk rock band, formed in 1981 by the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, native Joe King (a.k.a. Joe Queer), along with Scott Gildersleeve (a.k.a. Tulu), and Jack Hayes (a.k.a. Wimpy Rutherford). With the addition of Keith Hages in 1982 the band started playing their first live shows. The band originally broke up in late 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1986. The Queers play a Ramones-derived style of pop punk. Common lyrical themes are of girls, love, drugs, alcohol and having fun. Musically the band deviates slightly from the driving rhythm guitar sound of the Ramones and augments their songs with harmony vocals and guitar solos. They have been described as "The Ramones meets The Beach Boys"


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02/08 2024 6:00pm
The Underworld 174 Camden High Street LONDON
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