The Passion of Andrea 2


THE PASSION OF ANDREA 2 is a creation by Simone Mousset, associate artist at The Place, London, and winner of the Luxembourgish Dance Award 2017.

THE PASSION OF ANDREA 2 is like trying to hold soap when it’s wet. Masquerading as a sequel to an earlier, non-existent version of itself, THE PASSION OF ANDREA 2 is a mischievous con artist of a dance theatre piece about feelings of uneasiness, the inability to fully understand, and the painful desire for more. It is the solution that constantly escapes us. It is a medieval fable, magic trick, deadly game, bizarre dance-off, absurdist musical, sci-fi epic, all in one. Never completely sure of itself, this is essentially a show about a world of impossibilities, in which disappointment, idealism, anger, confusion, and death engage in a strange dialogue.

THE PASSION OF ANDREA 2 started out of a desire to capture the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused in a climate of emergency, where it is necessary to take immediate decisions. The piece explores the feeling of wishing there was more one could do, more one could be, that one could have more agency and somehow save the world – generally, that one could be more heroic overall.


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Kids, Elderly, Youth, Adult
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13/08 2024 7:00pm
Dance Base 14--16 Grassmarket EDINBURGH
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