The Nightingales by Peter Quilter

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It is the 1950s and this charming comedy introduces the Nightingales, members of a theatrical family who perform more at home than they do on the stage. Jack is a cabaret star, as in love with his piano as he is with his silk dressing gowns. His parents, Charlie and Beatrice, are old music hall stars, who suddenly descend on Jack asking to stay with him for a few days - they promise to be gone by Christmas, the only trouble is it’s January 7th! Jack performs with Maggie who regularly visits him in the evenings to rehearse, drink tea and tell the sorry tales of her latest romantic disasters. If only they’d realize that their true love is right in front of them. Geraldine is Jack’s housekeeper who masterfully copes with everything that ensues. This is a very funny, touching show business comedy, directed by Trish Richings, bursting with one liners and lovable characters, and features performances from Alan Lade, Lesley Drew Rebecca Kite, Roland Boorman and Josie Hobbs.


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