The Magic Gang

Indie-rock quartet from Brighton.
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Few musicians are as prolific as the four members of The Magic Gang. Soundcloud is littered with solo material and songs by other bands they once played in – or still do – like Home School, Yrrs and Echochamp, a collective of Brighton groups that includes the likes of Sulky Boy and Our Girl. And they’ve also produced songs for their friends Manuka Honeys and Abattoir Blues.

Despite all that, the quartet describe those endeavours as “things we do in our spare time” and have been busy harvesting over 50 Magic Gang songs that the world is yet to hear. “If there’s one annoying thing about being in a band – well, our band – it’s that we’ve got so many songs,” says singer and guitarist Jack Kaye under a banner of fairy lights in the group’s living room. And, if you thought debut single ‘No Fun’ – a see-sawing cut of rumbling geek-rock – meant you knew what The Magic Gang were all about, think again. - NME


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