The Madness of Love Workshop


From 4pm - 6pm. This workshop is Free.

When we play, we are full of energy, alert and spontaneous. We look for playfulness in others and tend not to judge ourselves. If we are enjoying a game, we are fully involved in it.

We will use games to discover our physical expressiveness and playfulness, and to establish a direct, playful relationship with each other and with the audience.

Wear loose clothing.

And, above all else…have FUN! Lots of it! AND BE IN THE SHOW…

From 7.30pm

A feast of physical comedy. Hilarious yet rich in emotion!

When Pantalone, takes his daughter, Isabella, against her will, to a distant city to be married, desperate passions and comedy erupt.

Welcome to Commedia dell’Arte, 16th century Italian popular theatre that gave birth to comic greats. Fawlty Towers, Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Father Ted are pure Commedia.

For ages 10+.

Supported by the Creative Scotland Open Fund.

SHIFTING SANDS create theatre rich in emotion and laughter, producing playful adaptations of classic texts - Faustus, King Lear, Great Expectations, The Seagull.


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22/09 2024 4:00pm
Comar, An Tobar & Mull Theatre Druimfin Lodge Tobermory ISLE OF MULL
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