The long-awaited new sculptures from Davide Galbiati at KMA Gallery


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult


After a six-year hiatus, KMA Gallery is exhibiting a visionary new collection of artworks from Italian sculptor Davide Galbiati, alongside a mix of other sculptures, paintings and ceramics by our roster of artists.

Trained in the Italian Dolomites, Davide sculpts in bronze, concrete and resin to bring the human soul to life. He takes inspiration from the sculpture of ancient civilisations like the Egyptian pharaohs and archaic Greece, preferring their emphasis on spirituality and the natural world over the neo-classical styles that grew later.

This collection has a particular focus on the phases of human life. As our souls move through space and time, so do our physical forms. Davide seeks to show the emotional changes inherent in these moments, from the innocent youth of Le Garçon des Etoiles and La Fille à la Graine, to the calm wisdom of La Graine du Père.

These artworks are on view curated across two floors.