The Legend of Houdini - Clarke Foley Community Centre, Ilkley


Magician Greg Chapman returns to Ilkley with his new show, ‘The Legend of Houdini’!

Even though Harry Houdini passed away nearly 100 years ago, he remains one of the most famous magicians the world has known. This is mostly because Houdini, as well as being a respected magician and escape artist, was above all a wonderful self publicist.

Never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, especially one about himself, Houdini created his own legend.

Now, modern magician and escape artist Greg Chapman (creator and performer of ‘The Non-Psychic ‘Psychic’ Show’ and writer of ‘Greg and Felicity’s History of Magic’) is taking to the stage with a new show, in which he performs effects and escapes inspired by Houdini, and shares some of the stories, both true and… exaggerated… that make up ‘The Legend of Houdini’!

£1 from every sold for this show will be donated to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center, Costa Rica.


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04/04 2025 7:30pm
Clarke Foley Community Centre Cunliffe Road ILKLEY
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