The Jonny Halifax Invocation

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THE JONNY HALIFAX INVOCATION are cosmic skronk blues alchemists. Led by lapsteel player and vocalist Jonny Halifax, they summon swamp blues, cosmic jazz, and heaviose caveman dub in one very long breath. Following the one man blues apocalypse of Honkeyfinger, the gospel psych of Jonny Halifax & The Howling Truth, and ambient drone metal of Deathenteredinerror... The Invocation head out for new cosmic terrain with this year's consciousness-expanding 'Acid Blüüs Räägs: Vol.1' on God Unknown Records.

MELTAOT are an improvised noise duo with artist/musician/broadcaster Sharon Gal and artist/writer/musician Edwin Pouncey aka SavX. They use voice, guitars, percussion, electronics and field recordings as their materials. They have released a cassette, titled First and Second Rites, for the Tapeworm label in 2009, and the live Souls On Board LP that was recorded at Café OTO and released on the Ash International label in 2010.

DJ PSYCHE MILLIGAN - There's all you need to know in the name!


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