The Joneses - Smiths tribute


The Joneses are a unique Smiths tribute band, thriving on The Smiths every-green music reaching all generations and the reason the Joneses came together. The band is made up of four passionate individuals, their performance is infectious and changes the hearts and minds of non-Smiths fans through their sheer enthusiasm. The Joneses shows are based on the energy of the Smiths live shows. They thrive on connecting with fellow Smiths fans and bringing them into the performance; once seen never forgotten!! The Joneses are evolving constantly, tapping into both the studio and live versions of the Smiths catalogue, merging those insights to create a hybrid at time raw version of the songs, very much like those performed by the Smiths in their short but tremendous career in live performance. As a band we listen to fellow Smiths fans to hear their thoughts and in time respond with additions to our repertoire. The Joneses gigs are a celebration of the Smiths music and the mood is infectious, resulting in the audience singing and dancing on mass, and at times joining the band on stage. These are special moments in a gig, bringing the Joneses and like-minded Smiths fans together, we have discovered some expert percussionists. The tambourine of Misery and Pain has recently been joined by the tambourine of Fabulous Fun.


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth
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18/11 2023 8:00pm
The York Vaults 47-49 Nunnery Lane YORK
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