The Jazz Cave presents Alison Neale Band


The Jazz Cave - at Corinium Museum, Cirencester

Bar and snacks are available

Alison Neale Band Focussing on the world of iconic USA Saxophonist Art Pepper - sublime! “An alto sound like brushed velvet” that’s how one critic referred to Alison’s saxophone sound, which has to be referred to coming from the ‘cool’ West Coast school of jazz. Alison Neale (" class=""> has always posessed that rare skill of understanding how to solo with an innate sense of what’s required, saying something special and relevant rather than simply regurgitating racks of learnt licks from college. Her band for this performance will include the exciting new young pianist Cameron Sheehy, bassist Paul Jefferies and the exquisite time keeper Matt Fishwick - twin of trumpet legend Steve Fishwick and husband to Alison. The music will swing like a west coast summer party - grab your drinks, sit back and be transported!


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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15/03 2023 8:00pm
Corinium Museum Park Street CIRENCESTER
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