“I think when it comes down to it Daniel, we’re probably looking for the same thing.” “Peace.”

An interview is being held. Dan has volunteered. The interviewer must be impartial.

As the process progresses, both Dan and The Interviewer realise that understanding why we do what we do, and how our brains have been influenced by the world around us, is no easy task.

The Interview is an absurdist two-hander that explores the insidious nature of sexual assault in our society. Join new company Slime & Pies for this work-in-progress by debut Playwright Eleanor Roberts.

About the artists

The Interview is the London debut of new theatre company Slime & Pies_. Formed in 2022, Slime & Pies_ have recently worked at The Traverse, Edinburgh on an R&D of ‘Kill the Second Coming with Slime & Pies’ by Ellen Bannerman.


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17/02 2023 7:30pm
Blue Elephant Theatre 59a Bethwin Road LONDON
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