The Importance of Being Earnest


by Oscar Wilde

Also known as A Trivial Comedy for Serious People, Oscar Wilde’s classic satire of the upper classes portrays two young men, Jack and Algernon, who are keen to avoid their social obligations. Clearly, the easiest way to get out of anything is to pretend that your name is Ernest. Thus chaos, comedy and confusion ensues as both young men develop their own love interests, try to thwart each other and seek to avoid domination by the indomitable Lady Bracknell.

Fans of handbags, cucumber sandwiches, relations, carelessness, proposals, christenings, railway stations (especially the Brighton line) and governesses with secrets cannot fail to be entertained by Wilde’s witticisms and exaggerated characters.

Written in 1895, his play of conformity and resistance, duty and pleasure reminds us all that whilst to be earnest is a virtue, there is so much fun to be had in bending the rules.


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12/07 2025 7:45pm
Miller Centre Theatre And Club Godstone Road CATERHAM
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