THE HISTORY OF ROCK is back and bigger than ever!

Join us as we celebrate a rock line-up like no other headlined by one of the greatest bands of all time! As always we'll be taking audiences on a thrilling ride through the history of rock – but this time, we're turning the spotlight on Led Zeppelin, as they headline the ultimate rock concert line-up the world has ever seen.

A must see for any fan of ROCK! Experience this iconic music brought back to life by an exceptional band consisting of some of the finest musicians and performers from around the world.

So join us and experience a rock show like no other with THE HISTORY OF ROCK!

Tickets: £22.50

fee applies when booking online.



Enjoy code: 517014
Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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19/10 2024 7:30pm
Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre Spain Lane BOSTON
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