The Gypsy's Bane


In rural Cumbria, 1807, the death of his father propels Cuthbert back to the village where 'The Gypsy’s Bane' unfurls a gripping tale of love and betrayal. At its core lies a searing love triangle: Cuthbert, the new Squire, his wife Sylvia, and Bertha, a bewitching local gypsy.

Cuthbert is warned by Bertha of imminent threats to his shipping ventures, entangling him in a web of mischief and desire. Are these the same merchants who wronged his father years ago?

Meanwhile, amidst the winds of change brought by the abolitionist movement, Winston, a courageous young slave, embarks on a journey that will forever alter the intertwined fates of these enigmatic characters.

Seduced by Bertha's dark magic, Cuthbert faces a choice: succumb to Bertha’s will or find salvation through Winston.

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05/09 2024 7:30pm
Kirk Theatre Hungate PICKERING
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