The Government Inspector

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Failure. Inadequacy. Mismanagement. Sloppiness. Carelessness. Deceitfulness. Negligence. Incompetence. Denial.

Why would a Government fear a Government Inspector?

Splendid Productions proudly present a new creative adaptation of 'The Government Inspector', an 1836 comedy written by Ukrainian playwright Nickolai Gogol.

The play is a satirical prod at power, privilege, corruption and classism set in a small provincial town whose public servants - including the untrustworthy Mayor - are told they are to be assessed by an anonymous official: The Government Inspector.

At the same time, an idiotic aristocratic stranger arrives in town, setting the stage for an escalating masterclass in political farce.

In Splendid's adaptation, a highly skilled cast of three will populate an entire town of panicking officials, dismayed citizens and feckless fantasists in a fast-paced, one-hour performance which asks: if absolute power corrupts absolutely, what happens when you only have a tiny bit of power?


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